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Pin Spot Lighting

Pin spot lighting is a technique that highlights special or significant elements at your event. A great way to use pin spots is to highlight wedding cakes and floral decor such as centerpieces. Photographers like pin spots because photos come out vibrant with color without washing out the rest of the venue.

Jazcat Event Pin Spot Lighting

They are called ‘pin’ spot lights because the fixtures are small, but powerful. They act
like small spot lights. These fixtures are usually mounted on the ceiling with special
brackets or mounts, or mounted on lighting stands. When mounted correctly, pin spot lights
are placed discretely so that they can barely be seen, if at all.

Pin spots make it possible to add lighting to dark areas without disturbing the overall
ambiance of the event. Perhaps the venue is dimly lit in order to create a romantic feel.
Shining a pin spot at each guest table will help illuminate the area perfectly without
blinding your guests, all while keeping the ambiance of the rest of the venue lighting.

Pin spot lights and uplighting are complementary. Uplighting will help set a color mood to the venue while pin spots will highlight special elements.

If you’re spending a lot of money on decor, centerpieces, or a wedding cake, it’s certainly a good idea to try and highlight those elements. Why not literally put them under a spot light? It’s the small details that count. Pin spot lighting will help bring an extra element to your event that will set it apart from others. Don’t let your beautiful decor or cake go unseen, put them under a spot light!

Pin Spotlighting works great on:

Cake Tables
Seating Charts
Center Pieces
Sweetheart Table/Head Table
Memorial Photos/Table
Guest Book