Jazcat Event UpLighting & AV

There are many ways to decorate your event space, but uplighting might be the most effective option. We include uplighting and dance lighting with all DJ and Karaoke services.
Jazcat Event Uplighting creates a unique, visually stunning atmosphere at your special event. We specialize in custom lighting designs that transform your venue to a wonderland of “ahh”, and create an exciting array of beautiful effects for each phase of your event.

Jazcat Event UpLighting

Uplighting adds color, depth, texture, and interest to any venue. At a wedding reception for example, the lighting can be focused on one or two colors during cocktail hour and dinner. Once the party starts and the dance floor is packed the lights can be set to change color to the beat of the music, further enhancing the excitement on the dance floor! Uplighting can also add beautiful dimension to outdoor spaces by lighting up trees or other features of your venue, adding vibrant color to features that would otherwise be lost in darkness.


Jazcat Uplighting uses only the best lights which are state-of-the-art and create strong beams of light that give an intense and impressive look to your event. We can achieve any color you are looking for from light pastels to deeply concentrated hues, giving your event the tailored look you desire. 

Photos from past events that benefited from Jazcat Uplighting can be seen here. You will notice in the photos how simply and beautifully the lights enhance the atmosphere. Whether you are envisioning an elegant ambiance, a club-style vibe, or any specific theme, Jazcat is here to help make your vision come to life by creating a color, look, and feel all your own.
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Pin Spot Lighting

Pin spot lighting is a technique that highlights special or significant elements at your event. A great way to use pin spots is to highlight wedding cakes and floral decor such as centerpieces. Photographers like pin spots because photos come out vibrant with color without washing out the rest of the venue.

They are called ‘pin’ spot lights because the fixtures are small, but powerful. They act like small spot lights. These fixtures are usually mounted on the ceiling with special brackets or mounts, or mounted on lighting stands. When mounted correctly, pin spot lights are placed discretely so that they can barely be seen, if at all.

Once uplighting takes effect, washing the event venue in the color(s) of your choice, you may want to consider projecting a monogram of your wedding or event to be seen by all of your guests for the duration of the event. A “name in lights” GOBO projection image is a personalized, custom-made monogram in light. GOBO stands for “Goes Between Optics”, since the created image is inserted into a powerful projector.

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